TDI International India P Limited is the exclusive media concessionaire at as many as 10 airports throughout India. These include some metros but also high footfall airports like Tirupathi. With our experience of over two decades as the trailblazers, we understand your needs and have the ideal infrastructure to fulfill them. We cover not only the main terminals but also the approaches to the airports. Let your brand spread its wings.

In the last few years, airport advertising in India has become one of the most implemented means of promotion through outdoor media. Airport Signages are observed everywhere in the airport area. These airport signages provide an eye catching look which is why maximum numbers of customers cannot ignore or avoid the brand message. An airport display of a brand is also considered a smart tactic of gaining attention of those affluent potential customers who can easily afford the brand. Most of the tools used for an airport display are technologically advanced which is also the reason why it is easier to catch customers' attention through one such display.

Airport advertising is rapidly catching up in most countries. Looking at the way countries like China are now opening their gates to the world, the airport is the one place to advertise your products in order to attract an international clientele. Apart from being a clutter-free, high-technology and cost-efficient medium, airport advertising is also recognized by viewers as an expensive medium, making them value such advertisements and subsequently products and services better in comparison to those seen in other kinds of out of home marketing.

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